Lutheran Teachings

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10/29/17    "An Interview with Martin Luther" Ruth Ann Greiner, reporter; Geoff Zoeller, Luther

05/27/18    "Memorial Day, Trinity Sunday" John 3:16 By Jay Decker (Guest Preacher)

10/28/18    "Milestones and Encounters" Celebrating 50 Years in Our Sanctuary

11/11/18    Guest preacher: Bishop Tracie L. Bartholomew

10/27/19    "Thanking God More Often" Heaven is a Gift From God

06/07/20    "What Do You Know?" Unpacking the Mystery of the Trinity

06/21/20    "What Difference Does it Make?" Exploring Baptism for Today's Believer

10/25/20    "Good Enough?" God Saves Sinners by His Grace

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