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Resisting Temptations

Unable to attend worship?  Catch Pastor Jack  as he guides you through life's challenges

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02/18/18    "Lead Us Not Into Temptation" How to fight off those nagging temptations

03/11/18    "Collateral Damage" Sinful consequences, but with Divine restoration

08/26/18    "Devilish Thoughts" Spiritual warfare according to St. Paul

06/23/19    "Slaying Those Demons" Ask Jesus to Help You


06/28/20    "What Grabs YOUR attention?" Focusing on Christ during times of temptation

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02/21/21    "Are We Being Tested?" Spiritual Strength During Adverse Circumstances

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02/26/23    "What’s Tempting You?" Gaining Spiritual Strength During Weak Times 

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02/18/24    "Tempted...Again?" Learning to Resist Those Nasty, Sinful Temptations 

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