Spiritual Growth and Meditation

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09/02/18    "Religion and Spirituality" Peanut Butter and Jelly:  God's Style

09/30/18    "Why Pray?" Biblical Advice When In Your Prayer Chair

02/17/19    "Connecting With God" Life in Your Prayer Chair 

06/30/19    "It's Now...or Never?" Making a Deeper Commitment to Christ

12/01/19    "In God's Waiting Room" Spiritual Dimensions of Waiting

12/29/19    "Crazy Dreams Lately?" Joseph- The Dreamer

01/12/20    "God Speaks Everyday" Are We Listening?

04/19/20    "The Upside of Doubt" Doubt can lead us closer to God

04/26/20    "The Face of Christ" Look Around - Jesus is right here

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