Trusting God in Difficult Times

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08/27/17    "The Rock of Faith" Trusting Relationships, Circumstances, and God!

11/18/18    "God's Two-Minute Warning" What to do in our remaining days

12/15/19    "Faith-Filled Waiting" Trusting in God's Promises

02/23/20    "Where is God?" Just Look in Front of You

07/05/20    "Weary?"  Jesus Can Handle Your Burdens

08/02/20    "Mission...Impossible?"  God can turn any situation in your favor ( part 1 of 5 )

08/09/20    "The Fear Factor" Focus on Christ During Frightening Times( part 2 of 5 )

08/16/20    "Throw Away the Rear View Mirror" God brings NEW blessings daily( part 3 of 5 )

08/23/20    "Paradigm Puzzles" Opening Our Eyes to See God at Work( part 4 of 5 )

08/30/20    "God Forbid It, Lord!" When God Has Other Plans( part 5 of 5 )

12/27/20    "A Sigh of Relief" Jesus Brings Hope During Stress-Filled Times 

03-21-21    "Of Seeds and Salvation" Experiencing New Blessings from Previous Losses

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