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Your Purpose in Life

Unable to attend worship?  Catch Pastor Jack  as he guides you through life's challenges

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05/21/17    "Connecting the Dots with God" Seeing God's purpose for your life

11/12/17    "Choices"By Marga Conn (Guest preacher & President of the HTLC women's group)

01/14/18    "The Meaning of God's Call" Discerning How to Serve God

01/21/18    "Intentionally Urgent" Responding quickly when Jesus calls you

01/28/18    "The Authority of God's Call" Jesus invites you to love!

05/20/18    "Getting Fired Up" When Our Resources Combine with God's Generous Spirit

06/03/18    "New Ideas?" The challenge to try something new

06/24/18    "What's Your Destiny?" The habit of seeking God's will

07/15/18    "Why me?" "Why not" By Alan Buechler (Guest Preacher)

12/30/18    "Destined for Greatness?" God utilizes ordinary people, too!

01/06/19    "The Gifts We Bring" The Best gift is YOU

01/05/20    "In the Beginning" Putting God in First Place

01/19/20    "God is Calling YOU" Answer the Call ! ( part 1 of 3 )

01/26/20    "What Qualifies Me?" God is Equipping You to Serve ( part 2 of 3 )

02/02/20    "Swing for the Fences" Giving Your Best Effort for God  ( part 3 of 3 )


01/24/21    "Course Corrections" Minor adjustments for a closer spiritual journey with God


12/18/22    "What is YOUR role?" Discovering God's Purpose for Your Life


01/22/23    "Qualifying the Called" Everyone is qualified to serve God!


06/04/23    "All in the Family" Everyone is qualified to serve God!


07/30/23    "Go, Team, Go!" working together on God's team  By: Ruth Ann Greiner (Guest Preacher)

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03/10/24    "Your Purpose?" Why are we here on this planet?

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