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Holiday Reflections: Easter & Holy Week

Unable to attend worship?  Catch Pastor Jack  as he guides you through life's challenges

please be patient audio recordings may take a minute before playing on your computer or other media devices

03/18/18    "Supper's Ready!" Written and Directed By: Ruth Ann Greiner

03/25/18    "The Passion" Performed By: The members of Holy Trinity Lutheran Church

04/01/18    "Who's Fooling Around Today" A Strange Combination of Easter and April Fools Day

04/07/19    "I Did It!"  written by Ruth Ann Greiner and  Performed By: Jay Decker and Geoff Zoeller

04/14/19    "Passion according to St. John" Performed By: The members of Holy Trinity Lutheran Church

04/21/19    "What Are You Looking For?" Jesus is alive, not buried somewhere!

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04/05/20    "Courage in the Face of Death" Remembering the Unwavering Courage of Christ

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04/09/20    "Serving, Loving, and Unifying" Jesus' Instructions for Christian Living

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04/10/20    "The Most Precious Gift" Reconciliation with God Through the Cross

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04/12/20    "We'll Get Through This" Jesus leads us through difficult times

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04/19/20    "The Upside of Doubt" Doubt can lead us closer to God

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03/28/21    “Mixed Emotions” Palm Sunday Joy...and Sadness


04/04/21    “The Emotions of Easter” Join in the Victory Parade


04/17/22    “Too Good to be True?” Grasping the Enormity of the Resurrection

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