Teachings About Heaven

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11/10/19    "Everybody Loves Raymond...and You , Too" A Glimpse of Heaven

11/24/19    "Your Birth-Day in Heaven" Born Into God's Kingdom

11/01/20    "What is Heavenly Paradise" St. John offers us a glimpse into the heavenly kingdom( 1 of 8 )

11/08/20    "Now...or Later?" A Scriptural Look at our Promised Journey to Heaven ( 2 of 8 )

11/15/20    "What Should We Do" Biblical Advice for Living in These Last Days ( 3 of 8 )

11/22/20    "What About Judgment Day?" Relying on Jesus to Intercede for Us  ( 4 of 8 )

11/29/20    "How Can We Remain Strong?" Biblical Advice to Lean on Jesus ( 5 of 8 )

12/06/20    "What's He Waiting For?" Trust in God's Perfect Timeline  ( 6 of 8 )

12/13/20    "How Can We Be Faithful?" St. Paul's Advice for Living in Anticipation of the Return of Jesus( 7 of 8 )

12/20/20    "What Does It Mean for Us?" Lessons learned from the 8-part sermon series:  Trust in God ( 8 of 8 )

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