Finding Spiritual Happiness

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05/06/18    "Happiness or Joy?" Exploring the New Testament concept of joy

07/22/18    "Going on Vacation?" The spiritual gift of rest

07/29/18    "Leftovers, Too" Our Abundant God gives Abundant Blessings

08/25/19    "God's "If...Then Statements" Parental, Parenthetical, or just Pastoral?

09/01/19    "The Joy of Christian Giving" Psychological, Social, and Spiritual Benefits

10/04/20    "Look Forward, Not Behind" St. Paul's advice for an optimistic outlook on life ( part 1 of 3 )

10/11/20    "Doing the Right Thing" St. Paul's Advice to Brighten Your World( part 2 of 3 )

10/18/20    "BE the example" St. Paul's Advice on Modelling Christian Behavior ( part 3 of 3 )

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