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The Holy Spirit’s Work in You

Unable to attend worship?  Catch Pastor Jack  as he guides you through life's challenges

please be patient audio recordings may take a minute before playing on your computer or other media devices

06/04/17   "A Breath of Fresh Air" Let the Spirit breathe new life in you

07/09/17    "Pentecost" By Jay Decker (Guest Preacher)

01/07/18    "The Special Ingredient" How the Holy Spirit works in our lives

02/04/18    "The Power of God's Call" Jesus transforms lives...he''ll change you, too!

02/11/18    "When God Ignites Your Spark"  Getting fired up...for the glory of God

11/25/18    "Who is YOUR King?" Reflections on "Christ The King" Sunday

03/03/19    "Glowing for Christ" Spiritual Transformations in Life

05/26/19    "Light Bulb Moments" When the Holy Spirit Opens Your Eyes

10/13/19    "Approved by God" Making God Proud of You

03/08/20    "More Than a Wetdown" Baptism and the Spirit


05/31/20    "Recharging...Renewing" Discover the Power of the Holy Spirit in Your Life


07/26/20    "Mustard Seed Churches Growing to the Glory of God


01/10/21    "Of Water & The Spirit" The Powerful Work of the Holy Spirit in Baptism


02/14/21    "A Transforming Love" How God's Love Transforms Our Outward Appearance


06/06/21     “Are You Possessed?" - Living Life While Possessed


08/29/21     “Within You, Without You" - How the Spirit Improves Your Outward Appearance


05/29/22     “Loosen the Chains" - How God Loosens YOUR chains of unbelief part 4 of 5


09/04/22     “Tough Choices" - Decisions Leading to Godly Living

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