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Unable to attend worship?  Catch Pastor Jack's sermons here on this "archives " page

please be patient audio recordings may take a minute before playing on your computer or other media devices

  12/24/17    "Is That All There Is?" - Humble Save the World

  12/17/17    Listen to our Christmas Music Concert - Performed by Chad Flynn and the HTLC Choir

  12/17/17    "Giving Thanks - Always?" - Developing an "attitude of gratitude"

  12/10/17    "Icing on the Cake" - Author: Ruth Ann Greiner  - Performed by: HTLC Sunday School

  12/03/17    "What Are We Waiting For?" - Getting Spiritually Right With God

  11/26/17    "Don't Just Drive By" - Stopping to Help Our Neighbors in Need

  11/19/17    "What's in Your Wallet?" - Supporting charities this holiday season

  11/12/17    "Choices" - By Marga Conn (Guest preacher & President of the HTLC women's group)

  11/05/17    "Blessed Are" - By Rev. Mitch Trigger (Guest preacher  from First Presbyterian Church, Rockaway)

  10/29/17    "An Interview with Martin Luther" - Ruth Ann Greiner, reporter; Geoff Zoeller, Luther

  10/22/17    "Bearing the Image of God" - God's Work...Our Hands

  10/15/17    "Is this Heaven?" - Doing Our Best to experience heaven on earth

  10/08/17    "Those Were The Days" - Changing Times Demand Changing Behaviors

  10/01/17    "A 'Big But' Problem" - When you find yourself saying 'but' all too often

  09/24/17    "Am I Working Hard Enough?" - We are saved by God's grace...not  by our own deeds

  09/17/17    "77 Times?" - How often do we forgive? By Alan Buechler (Guest Preacher)

  09/10/17    "Conflict 101" - Conflict Resolution: Jesus Style

  09/03/17    "When Life Doesn't Make Sense" - Turning your "Why?" into "What Now?"

  08/27/17    "The Rock of Faith" - Trusting Relationships, Circumstances, and God!

  08/20/17    "The Complaint Department" - God can handle your complaints...and strengthen you.

  08/13/17    "Fight or Flight?" - Spiritual Strength for Scary Times

  08/06/17    "Running on Empty?" - Ask God to refuel your spiritual tank

  07/30/17    "True Riches" - The kingdom of God is worth more than earthly possessions

  07/23/17    "Judge Not?" - Jesus warns us not to make hasty judgements

  07/16/17    "The Parable of the Sower" - By Alan Buechler (Guest Preacher)

  07/09/17    "Pentecost" - By Jay Decker (Guest Preacher)

  07/02/17    "A Cup of Cold Water" - Offer relief to the poor

  06/25/17    "Share Your Faith" - An illustration about praying in pubic

  06/18/17    "Finding Lost Sheep" - Reach out to the "unchurched"

  06/11/17    "Making Disciples" - Serving Christ in today's "secular" world

  06/04/17    "A Breath of Fresh Air" - Let the Spirit breathe new life in you

  05/28/17    "Designated Worrier?" - Handing off your worries to God

  05/21/17    "Connecting the Dots with God?" - Seeing God's purpose for your life

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