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  12/29/19    "Crazy Dreams Lately?" - Joseph- The Dreamer

  12/24/19    "Christmas Gifts" - Jesus-The Most Precious Gift

  12/22/19    "With God at Your Side" - Faith in Times of Fear

  12/15/19    Listen to our Christmas Music Concert

  12/15/19    "Faith-Filled Waiting" - Trusting in God's Promises

  12/08/19    "Born in a Barn" - Performed by: HTLC Sunday School

  12/01/19    "In God's Waiting Room" - Spiritual Dimensions of Waiting

  11/24/19    "Your Birth-Day in Heaven" - Born Into God's Kingdom

  11/17/19    "Labor Day...Everyday?" - The Virtue of Hard Work

  11/10/19    "Everybody Loves Raymond...and You , Too" - A Glimpse of Heaven

  11/03/19    "Your Inheritance in Christ" - Celebrating the Gift of Eternal life

  10/27/19    "Thanking God More Often" - Heaven is a Gift From God

  10/20/19    "Know Your Bible!" - Wisdom to Change Your Life

  10/13/19    "Approved by God" - Making God Proud of You

  10/06/19    "Mustard Seed Faith" - Asking for Strength By: Alan Buechler (Guest Preacher)

  09/29/19    "The Devil's Den" -Be on Guard Against Satan

 09/22/19    "Between a Rock and a Hard Place" - Difficult choices?...Turn to God

  09/15/19    "God's Lost and Found Department" - Reaching out to lost souls

  09/08/19    "Flat Broke...For God's Sake?" - The Power of Our Possessions

  09/01/19    "The Joy of Christian Giving" - Psychological, Social, and Spiritual Benefits

  08/25/19    "God's "If...Then Statements" - Parental, Parenthetical, or just Pastoral?

  08/18/19    "The Value of Prayer" - Fortification Prayer Part 5 of 5

08/11/19    "The Value of Prayer" - Hope-Filled Prayer Part 4 of 5

  08/04/19    "The Value of Prayer" - Trusting Prayer Part 3 of 5

  07/28/19    "The Value of Prayer" - Petitioning Prayer Part 2 of 5

  07/21/19    "The Value of Prayer" - Meditative Prayer Part 1 of 5

  07/14/19    "The good servant " - By: Alan Buechler (Guest Preacher)

  07/07/19    "Why Volunteer?" - Let's make our world a better place

  06/30/19    "It's Now...or Never?" - Making a Deeper Commitment to Christ

  06/23/19    "Slaying Those Demons" - Ask Jesus to Help You

  06/16/19    "Insight for Living" - How the Holy Spirit Illumines Our Lives

  06/09/19    "More Than A Gentle Breeze" - The Spirit's Work in You

  06/02/19    "Unity in Diversity" - Celebrating Our Differences

  05/26/19    "Light Bulb Moments" - When the Holy Spirit Opens Your Eyes

  05/19/19    "Christian love" - By: Geoff Zoeller (Guest Preacher)

  05/12/19    "A Glimpse of Heaven" - An Easter Gift from Jesus

  05/05/19    "Selfless Service" - By: Jay Decker (Guest Preacher)

  04/28/19    "Peace Be Within You" Tackling Inner Turmoil

  04/21/19    "What Are You Looking For?" - Jesus is alive, not buried somewhere!

  04/14/19    "Passion according to St. John" - Performed By: The members of Holy Trinity Lutheran Church

  04/07/19    "I Did It!" - written by Ruth Ann Greiner and  Performed By: Jay Decker and Geoff Zoeller

  03/31/19    "What Do We Deserve?" - God's Grace Exceeds Understanding

  03/24/19    "Losing Patience...Again?" - Asking God for a Spirit of Peace

  03/17/19    "Rejected Again?" - Remember God's Great Love for You

  03/10/19    "Inoculated and Fortified" - How the Holy Spirit Strengthens Our Lives

  03/03/19    "Glowing for Christ" - Spiritual Transformations in Life

  02/24/19    "Love Your Enemies?" - Breaking the Cycle of Anger

  02/17/19    "Connecting With God" - Life in Your Prayer Chair 

  02/10/19    "The Power of Persistence" - Jesus blesses our efforts 

  02/03/19    "When Life is a Mystery" - Turning to God When Uncertainties Surface

  01/27/19    "Inauguration" - Jesus keeps his promises  By Alan Buechler (Guest Preacher)

  01/20/19    "When Your Cup is Empty" - Jesus Fills it to the Brim

  01/13/19    "Designated Servant"- Using Your Freedom to Serve God

  01/06/19    "The Gifts We Bring" - The Best gift is YOU

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