'Library of Sermons by Date'

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04/18/21    “Keeping the Peace” Jesus' Desire for all Relationships ( Part 2 of  7 )

04/11/21    “Beware of Labeling" Give others the benefit of the doubt ( Part 1 of 7 )

04/04/21    “The Emotions of Easter” Join in the Victory Parade

03/28/21    “Mixed Emotions” Palm Sunday Joy...and Sadness

03-21-21    "Of Seeds and Salvation" Experiencing New Blessings from Previous Losses

03/14/21    "Gifts" How can we respond to God's greatest gift ?

03/07/21    "Commercialism and the Church" Why Jesus "Cleansed" the Temple

02/28/21    "Is This What We Signed Up For?" Dealing with Our Burdens and Misfortunes

02/21/21    "Are We Being Tested?" Spiritual Strength During Adverse Circumstances

02/17/21    "Ash Wednesday"  ( Preached aShepherd of the Hills Lutheran Church, Sparta, NJ)

02/14/21    "A Transforming Love" How God's Love Transforms Our Outward Appearance

02/07/21    "JC - The Rock Star" How we can increase the popularity of Jesus today Shepherd of the Hills Lutheran Church.)

01/31/21    "Who Is in Charge Here?" Acknowledging the Lordship of Christ in all areas

01/24/21    "Course Corrections" Minor adjustments for a closer spiritual journey with God

01/17/21    "All Types Welcomed" Everyone has a place to serve in God's team

01/10/21    "Of Water & The Spirit" lThe Powerful Work of the Holy Spirit in Baptism

01/03/21    "What's New?" A new year...a fresh new start"