'Library of Sermons by Date'

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12/27/20    "A Sigh of Relief" Jesus Brings Hope During Stress-Filled Times 

12/24/20    "We Need a Little Christmas" Hope in the midst of a pandemic

12/20/20    "What Does It Mean for Us?" Lessons learned from the 8-part sermon series:  Trust in God ( 8 of 8 )

12/13/20    "How Can We Be Faithful?" St. Paul's Advice for Living in Anticipation of the Return of Jesus ( 7 of 8 )

12/06/20    "What's He Waiting For?" Trust in God's Perfect Timeline  ( 6 of 8 )

11/29/20    "How Can We Remain Strong?" Biblical Advice to Lean on Jesus ( 5 of 8 )

11/22/20    "What About Judgment Day?" Relying on Jesus to Intercede for Us  ( 4 of 8 )

11/15/20    "What Should We Do?" Biblical Advice for Living in These Last Days ( 3 of 8 )

11/08/20    "Now...or Later?" A Scriptural Look at our Promised Journey to Heaven ( 2 of 8 )

11/01/20    "What is Heavenly Paradise?" St. John offers us a glimpse into the heavenly kingdom( 1 of 8 )

10/25/20    "Good Enough?" God Saves Sinners by His Grace

10/18/20    "BE the example" St. Paul's Advice on Modelling Christian Behavior ( part 3 of 3 )

10/11/20    "Doing the Right Thing" St. Paul's Advice to Brighten Your World( part 2 of 3 )

10/04/20    "Look Forward, Not Behind" St. Paul's advice for an optimistic outlook on life ( part 1 of 3 )

09/27/20    "Old vs. New" How Jesus encouraged "new thinking ( part 2 of 2 )

09/20/20    "Is it Fair?" Discovering Grace in a World of Condemnation ( part 1 of 2 )

09/13/20    "The Power of Forgiveness" Releasing the anger and hurt to live a Godly life 

09/06/20    "Conflict 101" Advice from Jesus:  How to Handle Conflict

08/30/20    "God Forbid It, Lord!" When God Has Other Plans( part 5 of 5 )

08/23/20    "Paradigm Puzzles" Opening Our Eyes to See God at Work( part 4 of 5 )

08/16/20    "Throw Away the Rear View Mirror" God brings NEW blessings daily( part 3 of 5 )

08/09/20    "The Fear Factor" Focus on Christ During Frightening Times( part 2 of 5 )

08/02/20    "Mission...Impossible?"  God can turn any situation in your favor ( part 1 of 5 )

07/26/20    "Mustard Seed Churches Mustard Seed Churches

07/19/20    "Sowing the seeds for God By: Geoff Zoeller (Guest Preacher)

07/12/20    "Sow Gods seeds"  By: Alan Buechler (Guest Preacher)

07/05/20    "Weary?"  Jesus Can Handle Your Burdens

06/28/20    "What Grabs YOUR attention?" Focusing on Christ during times of temptation

06/21/20    "What Difference Does it Make?" Exploring Baptism for Today's Believer

06/14/20    "Wandering...Back & Forth" Come Back to Jesus!

06/07/20    "What Do You Know?" Unpacking the Mystery of the Trinity

05/31/20    "Recharging...Renewing" Discover the Power of the Holy Spirit in Your Life

05/24/20    "What Makes You Uncomfortable?" The Challenge to "Witness" for Christ

05/17/20    "Where is God?" Jesus is Always There!

05/10/20    "From Darkness to light" Follow Jesus to a Better Life

05/03/20    "The Good Shepherd" He Cares, Guides, and Watches Over You

04/26/20    "The Face of Christ" Look Around - Jesus is right here

04/19/20    "The Upside of Doubt" Doubt can lead us closer to God

04/12/20    "We'll Get Through This" Jesus leads us through difficult times

04/10/20    "The Most Precious Gift" Reconciliation with God Through the Cross

04/09/20    "Serving, Loving, and Unifying" Jesus' Instructions for Christian Living

04/05/20    "Courage in the Face of Death" Remembering the Unwavering Courage of Christ

03/29/20    "It's Never "Over" We will live eternally through the gift of the resurrection

03/22/20    "One-Way Thinkers" Jesus Broadens Our Views

03/15/20    "What Are You Thirsting For?" Jesus: The Soul Quencher

03/08/20    "More Than a Wetdown" Baptism and the Spirit

03/01/20    "Testing, 1,2,3" performed by Geoff Zoeller, Eugene Randazzo, Kacey Osterhout & Nora McKiernan

02/23/20    "Where is God?" Just Look in Front of You

02/16/20    "Anger and You" Biblical Perspectives

02/09/20    "Salt and Light" Represent Christ Wherever You Go

02/02/20    "Swing for the Fences" Giving Your Best Effort for God  ( part 3 of 3 )

01/26/20    "What Qualifies Me?" God is Equipping You to Serve ( part 2 of 3 )

01/19/20    "God is Calling YOU" Answer the Call ! ( part 1 of 3 )

01/12/20    "God Speaks Everyday" Are We Listening?

01/05/20    "In the Beginning" Putting God in First Place