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12/30/18    "Destined for Greatness?" - God utilizes ordinary people, too!

 12/24/18    "Christmas Quotations" - God's Actions Speak Louder than Words

 12/23/18    "Unanswered Questions" - Mary's Faith and Trust in God

 12/16/18    "Christmas letters" - Performed by: HTLC Sunday School

 12/09/18    Listen to our Christmas Music Concert

 12/09/18    "Drill Sergeant or Savior?" - Comparing John the Baptist and Jesus

 12/02/18    "What are YOU Waiting for?" - Enjoying the Blessings of the Moment

 11/25/18    "Who is YOUR King?" - Reflections on "Christ The King" Sunday

 11/18/18    "God's Two-Minute Warning" - What to do in our remaining days

  11/11/18    Guest preacher: Bishop Tracie L. Bartholomew

  11/04/18    "No More Tears" - A Reflection for All Saints Sunday

  10/28/18    "Milestones and Encounters" - Celebrating 50 Years in Our Sanctuary

  10/21/18    "Jesus: The Servant Leader" - By: Geoff Zoeller (Guest preacher)

  10/14/18    "Casting your Wallet into the Harbor" - In God We Trust

  10/07/18    "The Dreaded "D" Word" - Divorce...then and now

  09/30/18    "Why Pray?" - Biblical Advice When In Your Prayer Chair

  09/23/18    "Listen to your heart" - By Marga Conn (Guest preacher)

  09/16/18    "Delicate Words" - Have you offended anyone recently?

  09/09/18    "Unreserved Compassion" - Helping questions asked

  09/02/18    "Religion and Spirituality" - Peanut Butter and Jelly:  God's Style

  08/26/18    "Devilish Thoughts" - Spiritual warfare according to St. Paul

  08/19/18    "Wise Living" - Appreciating the gift of God's wisdom

  08/12/18    "What is YOUR Opinion?" - Speaking the kind ways

  08/05/18    "God's Frosted Flakes" - How God Feeds Us Spiritually

  07/29/18    "Leftovers, Too" - Our Abundant God gives Abundant Blessings

  07/22/18    "Going on Vacation?" - The spiritual gift of rest

  07/15/18    "Why me?" - Why not - By Alan Buechler (Guest Preacher)

  07/08/18    "The Power of Faith" - The decision to believe rests in you Part 2 of 2

  07/01/18    "The Power of Faith" - How "extreme faith" can work for you Part 1 of 2

  06/24/18    "What's Your Destiny?" - The habit of seeking God's will

  06/17/18    "Seeds of Faith" - Nurturing the spirituality of others

  06/10/18    "Crazy for Christ" - The irrational side of faith

  06/03/18    "New Ideas?" - The challenge to try something new

  05/27/18    "Memorial Day, Trinity Sunday" - John 3:16 By Jay Decker (Guest Preacher)

  05/20/18    "Getting Fired Up" - When Our Resources Combine with God's Generous Spirit

  05/13/18    "Do You Blend?" - Expressing Your Faith Before Others

  05/06/18    "Happiness or Joy?" - Exploring the New Testament concept of joy

  04/29/18    "Stay Connected" - The importance of spiritual connections with Christ

  04/22/18    " All In " - Giving All - to Help Those in Need

  04/15/18    "A Transformational Experience" - How Bible Reading Changes Lives

  04/08/18    "All for One, and One for All" - Recapturing First Century Generosity

  04/01/18    "Who's Fooling Around Today" - A Strange Combination of Easter and April Fools Day

  03/25/18    "The Passion" - Performed By: The members of Holy Trinity Lutheran Church

  03/18/18    "Supper's Ready!" - Written and Directed By: Ruth Ann Greiner

  03/11/18    "Collateral Damage" - Sinful consequences, but with Divine restoration

  03/04/18    "Who's on First?" - When communications with God get messy.

  02/25/18    "The Great Reversal" - When God Changes Your Circumstances

  02/18/18    "Lead Us Not Into Temptation" - How to fight off those nagging temptations

  02/11/18    "When God Ignites Your Spark" - Getting fired up...for the glory of God

  02/04/18    "The Power of God's Call" Jesus transforms lives...he''ll change you, too!

  01/28/18    "The Authority of God's Call" - Jesus invites you to love!

  01/21/18    "Intentionally Urgent" - Responding quickly when Jesus calls you

  01/14/18    "The Meaning of God's Call" - Discerning How to Serve God

  01/07/18    "The Special Ingredient" - How the Holy Spirit works in our lives

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