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The Church Council

Joan Cosgrove

The Holy Trinity Church Council is comprised of elected leaders and officers from within the congregation.  The Council meets on the fourth Tuesday of each month…however, they do a lot more than simply meet!


 These men and women are the “movers and shakers” of our church family.  They give hours and hours of volunteer service to ensure that all parts of our mission run smoothly.  Each Council person is assigned the oversight of one or more areas of ministry to our church family, community, and the world at large. 


A special thank-you to our Council members!



        President –                 Joan Cosgrove

        Vice President –         Lisa Bischer

        Treasurer –                 Sig Samuelsen

        Secretary –                 Carol Schutz

        Financial Secretary-   Ellen Crane


                       THE COUNCIL:

        Pastor  Jack DiMatteo

        George Leonard -    Property Team        

        Shannon Leifken -  Comm. Outreach & Fellowship

        Matt Maitilasso-     Fall Festival & Property Team

        Eugene Randazzo   Property Team

        Ellen Crane             Visitation Team & Stewardship Team

        Lisa Bischer            Social Ministry Team

        Joan Cosgrove        Worship Team

        Megan Hatem        Communications


Carol Schutz.jpg
Carol Schutz
Ellen Crane
Matt Maitilasso
Pastor Jack DiMatteo
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