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Introducing A New Social Service Agency

for the Greater Rockaway Area: "RISE UP "

Mission Statement: 


RISE UP is a not-for-profit group serving the greater Rockaway, New Jersey area and committed to providing goods, services, relief resources, advocacy and emotional/spiritual support to the impoverished. We affirm the value, dignity, and right of every human being to enjoy access to life-sustaining and life-nurturing resources promoting self-sufficiency and greater participation in the wider community.

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The infrastructure is supported by the following action teams:


Finance Team

Marketing Team

Clothing and Furniture Delivery Team

Food Resource Team

Health and Wellness Team

Employment Counseling Team

Behavioral Health and Family Support Team.

Find out how YOU can get involved! 

Contact Pastor Jack at 973-747-7478 



RISE UP is an acronym which stands for Rockaway Interfaith Services to Empower the Underprivileged and Powerless

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