Relationships with Others

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09/10/17    "Conflict 101" Conflict Resolution: Jesus Style

08/12/18    "What is YOUR Opinion?" Speaking the kind ways

09/16/18    "Delicate Words" Have you offended anyone recently?

10/07/18    "The Dreaded "D" Word" Divorce...then and now

02/24/19    "Love Your Enemies?" Breaking the Cycle of Anger

06/02/19    "Unity in Diversity" Celebrating Our Differences

02/09/20    "Salt and Light" Represent Christ Wherever You Go

02/16/20    "Anger and You" Biblical Perspectives

09/06/20    "Conflict 101" Advice from Jesus:  How to Handle Conflict

04/11/21    “Beware of Labeling" Give others the benefit of the doubt ( Part 1 of 7 )

04/18/21    “Keeping the Peace” Jesus' Desire for all Relationships ( Part 2 of  7 )

04/25/21    “Making Sacrifices for Others” When you go the extra mile...with compassion ( Part 3 of  7 )

05/02/21    United, We Stand” Finding Common Ground in Relationships ( Part 4 of  7 )

05/09/21    Abide in LoveFollowing the Example of Jesus in All Relationships ( Part 5 of  7 ) 

05/16/21    “Find Joy” Introducing Jesus to any relationship(Part 6 of  7 )

05/23/21    “Center Yourselves in Prayer” Staying Grounded in the Spirit (Part 7 of  7 ) 

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