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Talking to Others About Christ

Unable to attend worship?  Catch Pastor Jack  as he guides you through life's challenges

please be patient audio recordings may take a minute before playing on your computer or other media devices

06/11/17    "Making Disciples" Serving Christ in today's "secular" world

06/18/17    "Finding Lost Sheep" Reach out to the "unchurched"

06/25/17    "Share Your Faith" An illustration about praying in pubic

05/13/18    "Do You Blend?" Expressing Your Faith Before Others

06/17/18    "Seeds of Faith" Nurturing the spirituality of others

09/16/18    "Delicate Words" Have you offended anyone recently?


05/24/20    "What Makes You Uncomfortable?" The Challenge to "Witness" for Christ


02/07/21    "JC - The Rock Star" How we can increase the popularity of Jesus today ( Shepherd of the Hills Lutheran Church.)


09/05/21     “Why The Big Secret?" - Exploring the "Messianic Secret Theory


09/11/22     “Lost and Found" - Bringing Folks Back to Christ


11/20/22     “What Kind of King is This" - By: Jay Decker (Guest Preacher)


06/25/23     “If YOU Don’t Speak Up…Who Will?" - Witnessing for Christ

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