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When Life Doesn’t Make Sense

Unable to attend worship?  Catch Pastor Jack  as he guides you through life's challenges

please be patient audio recordings may take a minute before playing on your computer or other media devices

08/20/17    "The Complaint Department" God can handle your complaints...and strengthen you.

08/19/18    "Wise Living" Appreciating the gift of God's wisdom

02/03/19    "When Life is a Mystery" Turning to God When Uncertainties Surface


09/20/20    "Is it Fair?" Discovering Grace in a World of Condemnation( part 1 of 2 )


09/27/20    "Old vs. New" How Jesus encouraged "new thinking( part 2 of 2 )

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02/28/21    "Is This What We Signed Up For?" Dealing with Our Burdens and Misfortunes


05/22/22    "Follow the Spirit" When the Door Closes, What Now?  part 3 of 5


06/12/22    "The Mystery of Wisdom" God's Gift for Discernment

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03/19/23    "Blind Faith" Open Your Eyes to See Jesus in Your Life Part 1 of 2

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