Holiday Reflections: Christmas

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12/10/17    "Icing on the Cake" Author: Ruth Ann Greiner  - Performed by: HTLC Sunday School

12/17/17    "Giving Thanks - Always?" Developing an "attitude of gratitude"

12/24/17    "Is That All There Is?" Humble Save the World

12/09/18    "Drill Sergeant or Savior?" Comparing John the Baptist and Jesus

12/16/18    "Christmas letters" Performed by: HTLC Sunday School

12/23/18    "Unanswered Questions" Mary's Faith and Trust in God

12/24/18    "Christmas Quotations" God's Actions Speak Louder than Words

12/24/19    "Christmas Gifts" Jesus-The Most Precious Gift


12/24/20    "We Need a Little Christmas" Hope in the midst of a pandemic


12/24/21     “Fear Not…A Savior is Born" - Christmas means God is with us!" part 5 of 12


11/27/22     “What are you waiting for?" - By: Alan Buechler (Guest Preacher)

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