Finding Comfort in Christ

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12/09/18    "Drill Sergeant or Savior?" Comparing John the Baptist and Jesus

01/27/19    "Inauguration" Jesus keeps his promises  By Alan Buechler (Guest Preacher)

03/17/19    "Rejected Again?" Remember God's Great Love for You

03/24/19    "Losing Patience...Again?" Asking God for a Spirit of Peace

03/15/20    "What Are You Thirsting For?" Jesus: The Soul Quencher

03/29/20    "It's Never "Over" We will live eternally through the gift of the resurrection

05/03/20    "The Good Shepherd" He Cares, Guides, and Watches Over You

05/17/20    "Where is God?" Jesus is Always There!

06/14/20    "Wandering...Back & Forth" Come Back to Jesus!

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