Finding Spiritual Strength

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08/06/17    "Running on Empty?" Ask God to refuel your spiritual tank

08/13/17    "Fight or Flight?" Spiritual Strength for Scary Times

11/05/17    "Blessed Are" By Rev. Mitch Trigger (Guest preacher  from First Presbyterian Church, Rockaway)

12/03/17    "What Are We Waiting For?" Getting Spiritually Right With God

07/01/18    "The Power of Faith - Part 1" How "extreme faith" can work for you

07/08/18    "The Power of Faith - Part 2" The decision to believe rests in you

08/05/18    "God's Frosted Flakes" How God Feeds Us Spiritually

03/10/19    "Inoculated and Fortified" How the Holy Spirit Strengthens Our Lives

06/09/19    "More Than A Gentle Breeze" The Spirit's Work in You

06/16/19    "Insight for Living" How the Holy Spirit Illumines Our Lives

09/29/19    "The Devil's Den" Be on Guard Against Satan

10/06/19    "Mustard Seed Faith" Asking for Strength By: Alan Buechler (Guest Preacher)

05/10/20    "From Darkness to light" Follow Jesus to a Better Life

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